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Prologue 09

July 28th, 2009, 11:48 am

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Reply Tamao, July 28th, 2009, 12:25 pm

Oh Tatsuya... You're so awesome ;A; As a kid, that is... You're quite the charmer, you...

This page made me realize how much I love drawing silly faces. When I had my huge art block this year, whenever I drew, I drew silly faces. So I got quite good at it (even though the silly face in panel 3 plain sucks)

...I'd like to thank the few people who wished me good luck with my grandma's state... If no one minds, I'd like to tell about what happened these last few days.

Yesterday, we went to my grandma in the hospital. Before we got into the car, my aunt called us. She talked to my mom, who didn't say much except for "uhhu". Eventually, she mentioned something about the cancer again. It had moved to my grandma's intestines after all. My mom was really sad as expected. We drove to the hospital and we picked up my sis who was visiting the place where she normally babysits. I'm glad she went with us, because before she got with us, we were all sad, and she at least tried to pep us a little. She held me the whole journey, while I tried to comfort my mom a little.

When we got to the hospital, my grandma looked better then my aunt had described before. She still looked awful tho. However, grandma was talkative and obviously happy to see all of us. By the time we were there, there were already three bags of new blood pumping into her.
When we were there for a while, she suddenly had to be moved to a different room. We went with her, and helped her move. We continued talking in that other room for a while. My mom left somewhere halfway, she probably couldn't really handle it. My dad followed her, and me and my sis continued talking with my grandma.
At three PM we had to leave, so we did. We decided to go to my aunt's house, because my mom wanted to talk with her. They discussed some stuff, and they decided when my grandma got out of the hospital, she needed extra help with living, either get more help from the home care, or move to a retirement home. They decided the last one was probably for the best. It quite made me sad, but I guess it's the best for her...
My parents then went to her home, to get some stuff from my grandma, while my sis and I stayed over at my uncle and aunt's house (my aunt left because she had to do a working shift). After that we went home.

When we were home, my mom called some of my grandma's brothers and sisters, and people who really needed to know what was going on (the nurses from the home care that helped her, the woman who cleans my grandma's house... ect). After that, my parents went to the camping site. They didn't wanted to stay home and sit, and that way, my mom could relax a bit. I stayed home, because it's the most relaxing for me.

Anyway, to put it short: My grandma is doing fine at the moment. Turns out there is cancer in her intestines after all, and maybe even gastrointestinal perforation, which would mean she needs a surgery. It's very sad at the moment, because her death is getting closer by the second, and the only thing that people can do now, is keep her alive as long as possible... But I'm afraid she might not be here next year...

Anyway, comment answer time...

@ chibiC16: Thank you! >w< On both comments...

@ Indigo~ (Guest): It is, isn't it? Tatsuya is a brave little boy, is he not...?

I'll probably update soon... I probably will, it relaxes me and keeps my mind of my grandma... See ya guys around~

~ Tamao

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Reply 'Ryn, July 29th, 2009, 5:42 am

You appear to be missing a line in the second speech bubble - "to judge a book"

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